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Couple Receiving Speeding Ticket from Police

Handling Union County Traffic Tickets

How Rosensteel Fleishman Helps to Deal with Union County Traffic Tickets

Drivers everywhere must be educated on the law of the road. There are numerous types of traffic violations that you can commit if you are not aware of the law. Even if you are aware, there are certain technicalities that may get you a traffic ticket. Whether it is red light violation or driving while license is revoked, this is still a moving violation.

A speeding ticket may not viewed by the general public as a crime; however, it can be a misdemeanor and due to this, you will get a record and you will have this for life. Extreme speeding tickets can even lead to time in jail. This is a serious matter which you must be aware of and if you do get a traffic ticket, it is imperative that you seek the consultation of an attorney at Rosensteel Fleishman Car Accident & Injury Lawyers who is experienced in dealing with traffic law.

Why hire an attorney to handle your case in Union County

When you encounter a traffic misdemeanor in Union County, hiring a lawyer may be your best option when the time comes that you must go to court to deal with your case, they will defend without your presence in court and often will know how to help you in ways that you would not know of yourself. Other reasons are:

•         When you accumulate traffic tickets, you also accumulate points. When this occurs, your insurance rates will increase significantly.

•         Hiring an attorney will help reduce the points that you have accumulated from the various tickets.

•         You may save money on the fines. This means that your attorney will work to get your tickets dismissed. When this happens, the fines get dismissed as well.

•         Hiring an attorney saves you a lot of time. If you are a busy person with many responsibilities, court dates can take multiple appearances by you. These court dates can take hours at a time, depending on the severity of your case. Hiring an attorney will aid you in avoiding these long hours.

How Rosensteel Fleishman will handle your traffic case

If you get a ticket due to traffic violation in North Carolina, your best defense will be to hire an experienced law firm in defending your case. At North Carolina, there is no better law firm in dealing with traffic violations than Rosensteel Fleishman. From Cabarrus County, Gaston County, Mecklenburg County, and Union County, this law firm has successfully represented and defended people from getting their license suspended as well as facing jail time. They also focus on getting your license reinstated so that you may continue driving legally. Here is how Rosensteel/Fleishman will handle your case:

•         Traffic tickets carry license and insurance points with them. If you get many tickets, you are likely to lose your license. Those tickets also raise the amount of money that that you pay for your insurance. Hiring Rosensteel Fleishman will aid you in resolving your situation with lesser points on your ticket. This will help you save more money in the bigger picture as you will not need to pay higher insurance fees.

•         Many times you will not even need to go to court because Rosensteel Fleishman will simply handle the case for you. You will not need to take unexpected leaves from work or any obligation.

Common traffic violations

Traffic violations fall into various categories, which determine the severity of the offense. These are:

Speeding Tickets- Speeding is a prime example of a moving violation. This violation can carry a penalty which you will get points on your record together with additional court costs and fines. Hiring a good law firm will get those violations handled properly.

Stop Sign Violation- These charges carry points plus court costs and fines.

Red Light Violation- These charges carry points plus court costs and fines.

Unsafe movement, Improper Passing- These charges carry points plus court costs and fines.

Rosensteel Fleishman services

Seeking protection by hiring Rosensteel/Fleishman to handle your traffic violations is the right move. Their services include:

         Speeding- The prohibition against driving over the various speed limits.

•         Impaired driving offenses, dwi DUI- Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol which can render a driver to lack the motor skills necessary to properly handle their vehicle.

          •         Reckless Driving- Using any form of vehicle that interferes with the proper use of public highway, as well as the endangerment of other users in the highway.

•         Stop sign and stop light violations- When a person does not follow the flow of the traffic lights.

•         Hit and run- A driver who collides with another and fails to give his or her personal information as required by law.

Please contact us to discuss your Union County traffic ticket.  Our attorneys will discuss the best way to handle your traffic ticket.

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