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When a prospective client calls to ask about a recent North Carolina DWI we try to give that person as much information as we can in a short time. The client is usually upset about the situation and has several questions. By the time the prospective client calls the office he or she is usually already worried about jail time, loss of license and financial responsibilities that go along with a DWI conviction. That person is usually also hopeful that there may be some way to avoid a conviction. While each case has different facts and every person has specific questions there are some basic issues that apply to every DWI charge in North Carolina.
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Couldn’t Be More Pleased! I am new to the Charlotte area and was involved in an incident in the downtown area where I was charged with a DWI. From talking with locals and friends in the area, I thought all hope was lost on winning my case in Mecklenburg county. I talked to many lawyers on the phone and a couple of in-house interviews and was told everything under the sun. When I got in touch with Corey and interviewed with him, I finally felt someone was at least being upfront with what I was facing. He seemed knowledgable of the process and told me the best and worst case scenarios. This type of communication is key in choosing the right representation. And when we took the case to trial, we both came out victorious even though we were both skeptical due to the circumstances. His articulation of the circumstantial really won this case in the face of adversity. To this, I am forever indebted and will continue to give nothing but praise and recommendations!
~ WB
DWI Client Review
Charlotte Law Firm Review
I hired Corey Rosensteel for a DWI that happened in August 2013. The case was dismissed in May 2014. Apparently, his litigation skills and knowledge were well known by the D.A. and assistant D.A.s. His fee was extremely reasonable and his staff are a delight. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and most of all friendly and genuine. I would highly recommend Rosensteel Fleishman to anyone who asked me.
~ Elizabeth Black-Wheeler
DWI Client Review
Charlotte Law Firm Review
Very Pleased I offered to write this review as a result of the abilities that Corey demonstrated. After getting charged for a DWI, I sought out a few legal opinions. I spoke with one attorney who offered no hope for a fight and was still looking for good $$. I then came across Corey. If I was impressed with his background from the web-site, I was blown away upon speaking with him. Each and every contact from that point on, Corey had the intensity that I needed to win this case. During each court date, he was well prepared and had a plan based on the judge who was scheduled to be on the bench that day. In addition to knowing the laws (which he obviously did) but he also knew how to maneuver throughout the court system which was a huge advantage to me in this case. Long story short, we had four points which we thought we had a good fight on, the judge dismissed the case after hearing only two. It really wasn’t even fair. Glad to say. Bob L from Matthews
~ Bob
DWI Client Review

North Carolina DWI Definition 

"I do not want anyone to be in the DWI situation I was in, but if you are, have the best lawyer in Charlotte on your side and call Cory Rosensteel. I can not be more pleased with how Mr. Rosensteel handled my DWI case. I was driving home and pulled over for having a faulty tag light. After performing the field sobriety test, I blew just over the legal limit. Mr. Rosensteel laid everything out on the table and really put me at ease with a very troubling situation. I was scared and down right mad at myself for getting into this situation and he constantly reassured me that everything would be alright and he would take care of everything. When we went to court, once again he laid out my options and I trusted his judgement completely. We went to trail and he got the case dismissed. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to call Rosensteel Fleishman."

DWI Conviction & Insurance

If I get convicted of a Charlotte DWI what is going to happen to my insurance?

This is a question the Charlotte DWI lawyers of Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC hear almost everyday. If you are convicted of a NC DWI it will result in twelve (12) insurance points. This corresponds to a three hundred forty (340) percent surcharge to your NC insurance. The Charlotte DWI DUI also has a bearing on your NC driving privilege.

Receiving a Mecklenburg County – Charlotte DWI is a serious matter. Our Charlotte DUI attorneys have the know how, experience and acumen to handle your case. In every case we will let you know your cost up front – with no surprises. That is our promise to you. At Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC we frequently work with both in state and out of state clients. For our clients’ convenience we accept payment over the phone with Visa or MasterCard.

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