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Young Charlotte Woman Receiving Police Ticket

Charlotte Traffic Violation Representation


From time to time we are all faced with challenges that we are not expecting. Being on the receiving end of a traffic violation ticket in North Carolina is no exception. If you find yourself in need of an experienced attorney to handle your traffic violation offense, then look to the highly reputable attorneys at Rosensteel Fleischman. Whether you have been convicted of an impaired driving offense, (dwi or DUI), reckless driving, speeding violation, stop sign or stop light violation, seat belt violation, registration, inspection or insurance violation, signal violation, driver’s license violation or a hit and run violation, our team of experienced attorneys are here to represent and guide you through every step of the legal process.

Our attorneys are not only top of the line experienced and qualified, but are every bit as courteous and friendly as they are professional. Understanding that receiving a traffic violation can be a hardship to those affected, our attorneys are committed to representing clients and making the overall process as quick and easy as possible. Individuals have the right to defend against traffic violations and certainly our expert attorneys are here to help.

At Rosensteel Fleishman Car Accident & Injury Lawyers we have over thirty years of experience helping people throughout the state of North Carolina. We put our experience to work for you to help you to either avoid the fines assessed or reduce those fines when possible. In addition, we are here to protect you against a possible driver’s license suspension, possible increased insurance rates and other consequences that can come into play with a traffic violation conviction. Our teams understand the unique challenges of each individual case and will effectively guide you, depending upon the violation, through the complicated legal process in our efforts to achieve a more than satisfactory result for our clients.

Whether you are facing charges of speeding, driving without insurance, driving without a valid driver’s license or any of the other traffic violations listed above, you can count on our attorneys to provide you with the most professional and vigorous representation that all clients deserve.


Offering services and legal guidance to adults, juveniles, and youthful offenders, our defense team is available to defend teenagers against a wide range of juvenile traffic crimes, including driving without a proper license or an appropriate learner’s permit, evading responsibility, driving without insurance, and speeding violations as well.

Representing juveniles and youths requires a very sensitive and somewhat delicate approach since those charged with the violations are more often than not immature and lack understanding and familiarity with the seriousness of the offenses and the overall legal system itself. Our attorneys remain committed to helping our young offenders get their lives back on track and strive to protect their rights while schooling them on the effects that traffic violations can have on their lives going forward.


Our attorneys are also experienced and available to represent those people who have been charged with more difficult offenses of causing serious personal injury to others in an auto accident. Recognizing that accusations of this nature and seriousness can be quite challenging, our attorneys are dedicated to providing the utmost in professional legal representation and strive to obtain an outcome that is satisfactory to all those involved.


Rosensteel, Fleishman also recognizes that the federal Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Transportation have rules and regulations with regard to the total weight of trucks and other elements of transporting freight.

If you are a truck driver that has been accused or charged with weight violations or other North Carolina DOT violations, there is a chance that you could face sanctions against your commercial driver’s license (CDL). At Rosensteel, Fleishman we offer effective representation for trucking violations of this nature. Our attorneys can represent truckers who have been pulled over on the roadways and highways in North Carolina and are skilled and experienced in challenging the validity of the traffic stops as well as the merits of each of the alleged traffic violations.

We fully understand that fines, convictions and points that are assessed against your CDL license can adversely affect your driving history and career. Along this very line, our attorneys either contest or successfully negotiate for truck drivers charged with traffic violations and offenses that are consistent with:

  • Overweight trucks – those who exceed the limits in total weight or weight per axle
  • Weigh stations – truckers who either dodge, dismiss or just blow right by the scales
  • Log book violations – logbooks that are either falsified altogether or have incomplete hours logged with the service logs
  • Equipment violations – trucks that fail to have appropriate tires, effective operating lights, and mud flaps to name a few
  • Traffic offenses – truckers who are texting while driving, speeding, improper passing or lane change, running a light or a stop sign
  • Invalid CDL – those who elect to still drive their trucks when their CDL licenses have been either suspended or revoked
  • DUI – truckers who have a blood alcohol count of .04 and are determined to clearly be driving while under the influence.


Another area of expertise for our roster of reputable attorneys is representation for those charged with DUI/DWI. Our experienced attorneys are qualified and well versed in handling all elements of a DUI defense. They will defend on the DWI charges and fight for clients to retain their licenses or be given a work permit.

If a client has been charged with a DUI, the length of time a license can be suspended is dependent upon the blood alcohol testing, any prior offenses or charges, driver’s age, and the type of license held. Those drivers who are caught driving with a suspended license as a result of a DUI charge are subject to one year in jail since it is recognized as a serious misdemeanor. In addition, the license sanctions for those drivers that are repeat offenders rise drastically.

A conviction for driving under the influence can expose you to administrative penalties such as license suspension, criminal sanctions such as jail time and fines, civil liability, including injury or fatality and collateral consequences including employment, reputation, and education.

At Rosensteel, Fleishman we are dedicated and committed to providing top legal services and representation to all our clients who have been charged and affected by traffic violations. We put the overall well-being of our clients first and are here to offer not only legal representation, but advice and support needed by so many at times like this.

When you are charged with a traffic violation, our attorneys recognize the various emotions that come into play. Fear, anxiety, confusion and many times utter frustration are all normal reactions to being charged with any type of traffic violation and not knowing what your final outcome or what the ultimate consequences are going to be can cause individuals a great deal of emotional duress. At Rosensteel, Fleishman we ask you to put your trust in our highly reputable team of attorneys and leave all the worry to us.

With our superior techniques and representation and very reasonable rates for representation, we at Rosensteel, Fleishman feel confident that our many clients recognize the high level of representation and expertise our attorneys present with and, based upon our abundant positive reviews and client feedback, we are sure we will meet and even exceed your individual expectations. We will evaluate your case, listen to all the facts and information you have compiled, and advise you on the best legal approach to take.

We are not only a trustworthy group of dedicated attorneys, but with our code of conduct and ethics, we assure you that your consult will be confidential, direct, and honest. If we see flaws in your case and the alleged charges, we will be every bit honest with our professional opinions. Take a moment now to call us and schedule your confidential consultation.

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