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After a car accident it is normal to have numerous questions ranging from who is going to pay for the medical bills to how is your car going to get fixed. In catastrophic injury cases people question how they will take care of their families if they or a loved one is unable to work again. The last thing you want to question is whether you have the right attorney. What follows is some of the most commonly asked questions by prospective clients:

Charlotte Law Firm Review

I was recommended to Rosensteel Fleishman by my doctor after a car accident. Both Matthew and his paralegal, Dawn, spent a lot of time educating me on the process and making me feel at ease with my decisions. I appreciated the personal feel and I would without a doubt use them again.

~ Sarah Schoormann
Car Accident Client Review
Charlotte Law Firm Review

Mr. Fleishman has been my lawyer in resolving a car accident I was involved in. I found Mr. Fleishman to be dedicated to my problem. He and his staff updated me constantly as new information came in regarding my case. Mr. Fleishman and his staff were courteous and helpful at all times. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal representation. Mr. Fleishman, to you and your staff, a very grateful and sincere thank you!!

~ Arturo DeLuca
DWI Client Review
Charlotte Law Firm Review

Attorney Fleishman was a great relief to me and my family when he personally took over my car accident case. He was inspirational, detailed, professional, engaging, understanding, hardworking, thorough, and I received a huge settlement. So I thank attorney Fleishman from the bottom of my heart – forever; he helped to change my life.

~ Gwendolyn White
Car Accident Client Review

What makes your office different from those I see advertising on TV and that send me letters?

"I am very happy to post this review about Matt Fleishman and his team! After my accident it was a very stressful time for me physically and and emotionally. From the first meeting with Matt i knew that i was in good hands. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and the settlement received. Leaving no stone unturned and excellent service, hands down Matt Fleishman and his team at Rosensteel Fleishman come highly recommended from me. To those dropping by and reading this i will say “You have come to the right place.” So…Thanks to you Matt and your team at Rosensteel Fleishman….."

The other driver was clearly at fault and hit me from behind. Why do I need a lawyer since the insurance company has to pay?

How do I prove who was at fault?

Insurance carriers know the more time that passes after an accident the harder it becomes to gather evidence as to the cause of the wreck. This becomes important when you have two different stories about how the accident took place. A familiar situation is when two cars collide in an intersection and both drivers claim they had the green light. If there is a witness, that person’s statement needs to be secured as soon as possible. Claimants cannot rely on their own insurance company or the adverse carrier to do this, especially if the witness would give a statement adverse to their insured. As time passes memories fade, people move or pass away. Failure to secure the witnesses statement may result in a key piece of evidence being lost forever. There are many reasons insurance companies deny claims, the most common of which are discussed in the article Denied Car Accident Claim.

Our lawyers work to find every possible source of money to compensate you for what you’ve been through. Our investigations include, but are not limited to, DMV insurance checks, asset checks, and private investigations. We make sure our clients are fully informed about the financial and legal aspects of their case every step of the way. In the ever changing landscape of personal injury law and Damages our lawyers have the experience and resources to get our clients everything the law says they deserve. Further, our lawyers handle all aspects of insurance subrogation, at no additional cost, to put more money in the pockets of our clients.

Client Financial Victories

Car Accident/Wrongful Death

Defendant denied liability and blamed our client for causing the accident. Further, our client’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. Settled right before trial.

Car Accident/Drunk Driver

Individual defendant got intoxicated at a bar. While not disclosed by the individual we were able to find the offending bar and file a lawsuit. While the Bar denied being responsible they eventually settled for full insurance policy.

Car Accident/Wrongful Death

Defendant denied liability and blamed our client for causing the accident. We filed suit against the defendant, defendant’s employer as well as five other businesses associated with the defendant. Following extensive litigation and multiple mediations the case resolved shortly before trial.

Do I need to wait to hear from the insurance company before I see a doctor?

Your health is more important than anything else. As such, you do not need anyone’s permission before receiving treatment for your injuries. Along with your health, proving medical causation is one of the most important legal aspects of your case. In essence, this means proving that the accident caused the injury you are complaining of. Many people make the mistake of failing to tell their doctor all of their symptoms or waiting too long to go to the doctor after the accident. Since the burden of proof is on the claimant these common mistakes allow the insurance carrier to argue a lack of causation, thereby avoiding payment. As such, the longer they can delay you from treating the more they benefit.

When cases are litigated in North Carolina the Plaintiff has the burden of proof for each and every element of their claim. Medical causation can be the most obvious element to the injured party and the most confusing to the jury. Defense attorneys and insurance companies spend countless hours and dollars distorting medical causation to sway a jury and eliminate their need to pay or at least reduce the jury’s eventual award. Gaps in treatment can result in irreparable damage to your claim. We tell our clients to always make their health the number one priority and get the care they need.

What is contributory negligence?

During your initial meeting our attorney will take the time to explain the law to you in a way that makes sense. In most cases North Carolina is in the minority of states in how they view the law of negligence. What this means for our clients, their cases and their future is paramount in how our lawyers handle each case. One of North Carolina’s most confusing negligence laws deals with the legal theory of contributory negligence. Insurance companies will look to deny your case if they can show contributory negligence.

Contributory negligence deals with the negligence of the plaintiff. If the insurance company can show that you contributed in any way to causing the accident they will look to avoid making any payments whatsoever. This includes payments for medical bills, pain and suffering and damage to your vehicle. This is why we do not let our clients speak with the insurance company.

"I would like to give thanks and extend my appreciation to Mr. Matthew Fleishman for his devotion in presenting my son, Brent Rodgers’ Mediation case, in 2006. I was so impressed with how he demonstrated such professionalism and grace and in the end all parties involved were satisfied. I will always be grateful and I feel really good about referring others to you because of a job WELL DONE.!!! You will always be my Attorney. Again, thank you and I sincerely wish you, your family and your firm a healthy, wealthy and most prosperous New Year."

Should I speak with the insurance company before speaking with a lawyer?

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients deals with whether they should speak with the insurance company for the at fault driver. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of speaking to the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. There is no legal requirement to speak with the insurance company. The insurance adjusters are trained to ask specific questions to elicit a response which might irreparably harm the claimant’s case. Our lawyers do not let our clients speak with the insurance carrier.

We believe in being as candid with our clients as possible. We believe the only way to represent people is to be as clear and transparent with them as possible so that they can make the best decision for themselves. The first thing our lawyers will explain to you is that after being injured in a car accident you can bring a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. From the point of view of the insurance carrier the value of the claim is dependent on how clear the liability is and the extent of the injury. In many situations the insurance carrier will attempt to reduce its exposure by arguing that their insured was not at fault, partially at fault, or that the wreck did not cause the injury claimed by the plaintiff/claimant. Our lawyers will explain what each defense means as well as the counterargument.

The follow data was taken directly from the NC DMV which provides statistics of the number of car accidents in NC per year. The latest year for which data has been compiled is 2016. The entire report can be found on the NC DMV’s website at Statistical Crash Information from 2004 through 2016 We advise all clients to closely examine their insurance policy following an accident. We stress this to ensure that our client’s are covered and protected if they are involved in an accident with a driver who is uninsured or underinsured. It is an unfortunate fact that many drivers in NC have the minimum limit of insurance allowable by law. With the staggering prices for medical care this may leave very little for the client. The best way to protect yourself is by securing the highest limits you can afford for uninsured or underinsured coverage. We also recommend that you purchase insurance from a carrier you don’t see advertising on the TV 24 hours a day.

Will I get compensated for what I am going through?

After being injured in an automobile accident in North Carolina there are many things to worry about. You worry about your health, your family, your car, your job and your future. You should not have to worry about the credibility and expertise of your personal injury attorney. Each NC personal injury attorney routinely fields questions regarding auto accidents in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding NC car accidents have been addressed in the many articles found on this website. Many clients who have experience with other law firms are surprised by the level of communication and transparency they receive from our office. You will have complete access to your attorney and you will have the ability to speak with them about your car accident at any time.

What is going to be discussed at our initial meeting?

Speak to a Charlotte, NC Lawyer about your Car Accident Case Today

Our lawyers have handled auto accident cases all over North Carolina and are regularly brought in to assist other lawyers with their client’s cases. It is not without a small amount of pride that we continue to serve thousands of people across NC despite the fact that we have never advertised our services via TV, radio or send letters to people’s houses. Many clients who have experience with other law firms are surprised by the level of communication and transparency they receive from our office. You will have complete access to your attorney and you will have the ability to speak with them about your case at any time.

Unlike the majority of personal injury lawyers we do not advertise our services. We choose to let our results, clients, the medical community, local media, other North Carolina lawyers, and the Charlotte Mecklenburg County bar speak for us. As we do not advertise, our costs are much lower, which allows us to put more money where it belongs, in the pockets of clients. There is no fee to speak with one of our Charlotte personal injury lawyers. We handle car accidents in Charlotte, Gastonia Concord and across North Carolina. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case.

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