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Charlotte drug cases break down into several different categories based upon the controlled substance that is alleged, the conduct that is alleged (for instance possession versus sale) and the amount that is alleged.

Drugs are categorized under a schedule of controlled substances. Each drug falls under one of the controlled substance categories. This categorization determines the punishment that a defendant is eligible for and the way that the substance is potentially measured.
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"I called Rosensteel when I got into some serious trouble, I actually have a different lawyer that I use for everything in charlotte, but after hiring Rosensteel I called my lawyer and he told me to stick with Rosensteel, so obviously I did. The charges I was facing, well let's say I wouldn’t be able to write this for a long time, were 3 now down to 1 allowed me to keep my job. they are in a perfect location and really don’t try, they do everything they say they are going to do."

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Because of the serious repercussions of a drug charge, and the complexity of North Carolina drug crime statutes, anyone who is charged with a North Carolina drug offense should contact an experienced lawyer at Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC immediately.

Call (704) 714-1450 to make an appointment to speak with a Charlotte Criminal Defense Attorney. We will schedule an appointment that meets your needs. There is no fee for an initial consultation to talk with a personal injury lawyer regarding your legal issue.
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