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Many times people are looking for a Charlotte personal injury lawyer after being involved in a traumatic car accident.  During the initial consultation with our office the client will discuss feelings of anxiety especially when driving.  These feelings are very common after a car accident. For the client the best course of action is to pursue medical care in whatever form they are comfortable with.  Typically clients seek help through therapy.  Many clients wonder how this will affect their case.

When a claim is reviewed by an insurance adjuster and/or a jury the medical treatment of the plaintiff is closely scrutinized.  This means that if the client claims that post accident they experienced heightened anxiety the adjuster/jury will be looking through the records for proof of this claim.  If there is an absence of treatment it can have a detrimental effect on the value of the claim and the credibility of the claimant.  Conversely, if the client’s medical treatment includes therapy for their anxiety it bolsters their credibility and highlights their complaint.  So, while there is certainly a benefit to seeking therapy from a medical standpoint there is also one from a legal standpoint as well.

One way to highlight this is to consider a Mecklenburg jury trial for a car accident.  Many times the client will testify as to the physical injuries sustained, neck, back, etc.  However, some clients also focus on the emotional aspects of the accident.  Our clients have been forewarned if our personal injury attorneys see any type of issue.  However, we have seen other plaintiffs testify that they have suffered terrible emotional trauma from a car accident.  They present their case very well on direct examination only to come apart on cross examination.  Typically the defense attorney will ask questions along the line of whether the Plaintiff treated for these "alleged" emotional issues with a doctor of any kind.  If the answer is no the defense as a ready made argument that the emotional trauma couldn't have been that bad.

One of the big problems clients have when dealing with emotional trauma is finding good doctors to treat them.  This becomes a bigger issue when they don't have health insurance.  Our personal injury lawyers have built up relationships with doctors across North Carolina.  This allows us to send clients to doctors even without insurance.  This is a win win for the client in that they get the medical care that they need and it doesn't cost them money out of pocket.

If you have been injured in a NC car accident and wish to discuss your case please contact us.  You will speak directly with an attorney who can answer all of your questions. There is no fee for a consultation and meetings can be scheduled to fit your needs.

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