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Concord Speeding Ticket

Dealing with Speeding Tickets in Concord, Cabarrus County

When you’re traveling the last thing you want is a speeding ticket.  While there may be valid reasons that you were exceeding the posted speed limit you now have to deal with the realities of a Cabarrus County speeding ticket.  Considering that Cabarrus is the home of Lowes Motor Speedway and Concord Mills Mall (two of the most visited North Carolina attractions) many people who get Cabarrus speeding tickets are not residents of the county.

Getting a speeding ticket in Concord can affect you in the following ways:

  • Your insurance premium can go up
  • Your driving record may  tarnished –  all your criminal offenses, however minor, will still appear in your personal records.
  • You’ll still have to pay the fines. If you miss a court appearance you have to pay fines for a Failure to Appear.
  • Loss of time.  Certain speeding tickets require your appearance in Court.

What is the first thing you should do?

The very first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney at Rosensteel Fleishman because our law firm that has experience dealing with speeding tickets in Cabarrus County.  Our attorneys are consistently in the Cabarrus County courthouse dealing with our client’s speeding tickets.  We understand the process as well as the procedures to insure we get the optimum results for our clients.  Our expertise will be able to keep costs to a minimum while also minimizing the risk to your driving privilege.  Our attorney will take the time to speak with you about your speeding ticket.  We will explain what you are facing as well as the best course of action to resolve the ticket.

The DMV point system

North Carolina has a special DMV points system that was designed to make people think twice about speeding in NC. The idea is that your license has a “point” record attached to it, which is also attached to your insurance premium. For example: If you have committed enough traffic violations that you’ve accumulated 12 points, then your license will be revoked.  If you manage to restore your license, the next time you have points added,  a speeding ticket, the limit will be set at eight points.

Your insurance rates are tied to the point system.  In other words as long as you are repeatedly caught for speeding violations, you will end up with a revoked license and raised insurance rates. The points system also keeps track of your activities, which become part of your insurance company’s calculations for your next year’s insurance rates.

The DMV point system is a good reason for you to hire a lawyer who focuses in Cabarrus speeding violations.  Even if it’s your first time to receive a speeding ticket, you can be sure that your attorney at Rosensteel Fleishman their best to stop this from affecting your record in north carolina.  Call (704) 714-1450 to make an appointment to speak with a Concord Speeding Ticket attorney, or stop by the office during regular business hours. We will schedule an appointment that meets your needs.

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