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Midland, NC Crash: Impaired Driver Arrested in Paris Following Fatal Accident Killing Three Family Members on September 20, 2023

Published Date: October 26, 2023

Note: Our firm’s mission is to help people injured in accidents. Because we do this work, we see the consequences of these accidents on the victims and the families. Through these articles, we aim to foster a safer community and provide support to those affected by such tragedies. 

Our firm respects the privacy and dignity of those involved and is willing to amend or remove content at the request of affected parties. To contact us use 704-714-1450 or send us a message.
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Midland, NC (September 20, 2023) - According to local news sources, a tragic multi-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 24/27 near Bethel School Road, resulting in the death of three family members and injuring four others. The incident, which took place on September 20, involved a Toyota Sienna, a 2019 Toyota Rav4, and a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

Details of the Incident

Witnesses reported that the Toyota Sienna made a sudden swerve into oncoming traffic, leading to the catastrophic collision. The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office identified the deceased victims as Nicolae Gheorghe, 49, Adela Gheorghe, 47, and a 12-year-old boy. All three were related to the suspect, 19-year-old Solomon Gheorghe of Norwood.

Investigation and Arrest

After gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses, investigators determined that Solomon Gheorghe, the driver of the Sienna, was impaired at the time of the crash. Subsequently, arrest warrants were issued against him on three counts of felony death by motor vehicle and one count of felony serious injury by motor vehicle. In a turn of events, Solomon Gheorghe was located and detained in Paris, France, with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service. He is currently undergoing the extradition process to return to the United States.

Community Impact and Reactions

The aftermath of the accident has deeply affected the local community. Kenny Gillenwater, a resident of Bethel School Road for over three decades, expressed concerns about the frequency of accidents on this stretch of the highway, attributing many to high speeds. He mentioned that while law enforcement is proactive in monitoring the area, the volume of traffic and speed remain challenges. The young boy who tragically lost his life in the accident was a student at Norwood Elementary School, and counselors have been made available for support.

In response to the incident and previous accidents in the area, the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) announced plans to implement changes to the intersection, citing growing traffic volumes and high crash rates as primary concerns.


This tragic event underscores the dangers of impaired driving and the profound impact it can have on families and communities. As the legal proceedings against Solomon Gheorghe progress, the community mourns the loss of three of its members and hopes for measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Support After a Tragic Accident in Midland, NC

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Disclaimer: This article is compiled from various secondary sources to provide insights into recent accidents. We have not been able to independently verify all details. Our firm respects the privacy and dignity of those involved and is willing to amend or remove content at the request of affected parties. We understand the emotional and physical toll of traffic accidents and extend our deepest sympathies to those affected. If you find any discrepancies or outdated information, or if you are an affected party, please contact us at 704-714-1450 or send us a message.

We value your feedback and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability of the information presented.

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