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Mario Zambrano Died in Excavator Accident in Belmont on January 16, 2023

Belmont, NC (January 16, 2023) - A man was killed in an industrial accident at a construction site in Belmont, North Carolina. The incident occurred around 3:31 p.m. on Nixon Road, where new homes were being built as part of the Amberley neighborhood.

The victim, Mario Zambrano, died at the scene from injuries sustained in an accident involving an excavator. The site is located less than a mile west of South Point High School. The city of Belmont confirmed that Zambrano worked for Paragon Site Solutions, LLC.

The passing of Zambrano marks another death of a Hispanic construction worker in the Charlotte region in January. This tragedy highlights the need for increased safety measures in construction sites to protect workers, many of whom are immigrants, from preventable accidents.

Accident Investigation Ongoing

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Mike Harris with the Belmont Police Department. The incident has shaken the local community, with neighbors expressing shock and sadness over the loss of life.

The company for which Zambrano worked, Paragon Site Solutions, LLC, has not yet released a statement or commented on the incident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is also expected to investigate the incident to determine if any safety violations occurred.

This tragic accident serves as a reminder of the importance of workplace safety and the need to ensure that all workers are protected while on the job. The family and loved ones of Mario Zambrano are in our thoughts and condolences during this difficult time.

Rosensteel Fleishman Can Help with Wrongful Death Cases

Rosensteel Fleishman is a local law firm that focuses on wrongful death cases. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to investigate the accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case on behalf of our clients. We work closely with families to understand their unique needs and concerns, and we fight tirelessly to help them secure the compensation they deserve.

We extend our deepest condolences to the victim's family and loved ones.” said attorney Corey Rosensteel. “In the wake of such a tragic event, it is important that those affected have access to legal support and representation.

The loss of a loved one in an accident is a devastating experience that can leave families struggling with overwhelming emotions and financial challenges. In cases of wrongful death, where the death was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, it is important to seek the help of an experienced wrongful death attorney.

Investigating the Accident

Our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, gathering evidence such as police reports, witness statements, and other relevant information. We also consult with experts in various fields, such as accident reconstruction specialists, to help us understand the cause of the accident and identify any parties who may be liable.

Determining Liability

Once we have a clear understanding of the facts of the case, we can help families determine who is liable for the death of their loved one. This may include the driver of a vehicle involved in a car accident, the owner of a property where a slip and fall accident occurred, or the manufacturer of a defective product that caused an accident.

Calculating Damages

Wrongful death cases can result in significant damages, including medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, and emotional distress. Our attorneys work closely with families to understand their financial needs and to calculate the full extent of their damages, so that we can fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Negotiating a Settlement

In many cases, we are able to reach a settlement with the liable party or their insurance company, which can help to provide closure for families and avoid the stress of a prolonged trial. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and are committed to securing a fair settlement for our clients.

Taking the Case to Trial

If a settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys are prepared to take the case to trial and fight for our clients' rights in court. We have the experience and resources necessary to build a strong case and present it in court, and we will not hesitate to do so if it is in our clients' best interests.

Please get in touch with Rosensteel Fleishman to explore your rights and options if you or someone you know has lost a loved one in an accident and believes that wrongful death was the cause. Our attorneys are here to help families navigate the legal process and secure the compensation they need to move forward.

Rosensteel Fleishman Law Firm Offers Legal Support for Victims and Families

The tragic industrial accident in Belmont has left many families and loved ones in mourning. The law firm of Rosensteel Fleishman, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, focuses in wrongful death accident cases and is available to offer legal support for victims and their families.

Our firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident victims and their families.” added attorney Matthew Fleishman. “We encourage anyone who has been impacted by this accident to contact us to discuss their rights and options.

If you or someone you know has been involved in this tragic accident, please do not hesitate to contact Rosensteel Fleishman at 704-714-1450 to discuss your rights. The firm wishes to express their sympathy to the victim of the accident, along with all of the involved parties and their family and friends.

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