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Insurance Company Attorney for Car Accident Cases

Sooner or later after a NC car accident the injured party with be contact by the insurance company. Our attorneys counsel our clients not to speak with either the negligent party’s insurance or their own. The law is extremely complicated and after decades of cases full of loopholes for the insurance companies. As such, what might seem like an innocent question could be the insurance company’s attempt avoid responsibility. Insurance adjusters in NC typically will request to record any and all conversations with the injured party.

The insurance company is calling me asking that I give them a recorded statement. Should I?

As a general rule of thumb our Charlotte car accident attorneys do not allow our clients to give recorded statements to the insurance company. There is no requirement to give the insurance company a statement as to what happened during the NC car accident. The adjuster is not asking questions to help the individual. Many times they are asking questions in an attempt to get the individual to say something that will weaken or damage their claim.

Questions dealing with speed, location, distance, and time are extremely relevant in determining fault and damages in a NC personal injury case. There are hundreds of NC Appellate and Supreme Court decisions dealing with each one of these elements. As such, our NC personal injury attorneys counsel people to consult with a NC personal injury lawyer prior to speaking with the insurance adjuster. Further, many times an individual’s own insurance company will request a recorded statement, claiming it is required under the insurance policy. As with the liability policy this is not required as the standard NC insurance policy only requires the “cooperation” of the insured. It does not define cooperation and as such we do allow our clients to give recorded statements to their insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit.

Hospital Visit by Insurance Adjuster

One of the more deplorable acts by insurance companies is visiting individuals injured in NC car accidents in the hospital. As the insurance company has absolutely no authority in determining either the scope or scale of an individual’s medical treatment there is no valid reason for the adjuster to be there. Just because the injured party was hurt by the negligence of their insured does not give the adjuster the right to be present at the hospital. The main function of the hospital visit is to begin gauging the injury claim and minimizing it. Further, many times the adjusters will take notes on the family to determine how desperate they might be to settle the case or how they might appear in court.

Should I let the NC insurance adjuster visit me at the hospital?

As a general rule our Charlotte personal injury attorneys do not allow the insurance adjusters to visit our clients at the hospital. The insurance adjuster has no legal right to visit the injured party without their permission. Many times individuals are on medication that can impair their thoughts and reasoning. Further, dealing with insurance companies can be very stressful, especially if the injured party is unsure of what to say or they are worried about damaging their claim. There is little to nothing to gain by meeting with the insurance adjuster at the hospital and as such our NC personal injury lawyers counsel against it.

NC Medical Release

There are a number of state and federal laws designed to protect an individual’s privacy after they have been injured by another’s negligence. One of the first things the insurance company will attempt to do is secure a medical release from the injured person to allow them to request their medical records. Just because the injured party was hurt by the negligence of their insured does not give the insurance company the right to your entire medical history.

Should I Sign the Insurance Company’s Medical Release?

As a general rule of thumb our Charlotte personal injury attorneys do not allow our clients to sign the insurance company’s medical release. A medical release, unless limited by scope, gives the grantee access to the injured party’s entire medical history. Our personal injury lawyers do not believe the insurance company should have access to medical history that is not related to your Charlotte car accident or other personal injury. As such, our Charlotte personal injury lawyers provide our clients who have been involved in a NC car accident a medical release which allows our office, not the insurance company, the ability to request the medical bills and records the client incurred as a result of the NC car accident. We then send only the records and bills related to the NC auto accident to the insurance company prior to negotiating the case.

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