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Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC

If you have kids in your family and are looking for an exciting new place to take them, consider Discovery Place Science Charlotte, NC. This museum is located in Uptown Charlotte and features a fantastic indoor aquarium, a Stay-At-Home science portal, and off-site educational experiences. Read on to learn more about the fun you can have with your children at this unique attraction. It will definitely keep them entertained and interested! You can get more information on this unique museum by reading this article. It is located at 301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202.

Discovery Place is located in Uptown Charlotte

If you're in the Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina area, you must check out Discovery Place Science, a fun, interactive science museum. It is designed for people of all ages. The museum has over 50 hands-on exhibits, and is suitable for families with children of all ages. There is even a kids' area for little ones!

Designed for families of all ages, Discovery Place Science is an interactive science museum in the Fourth Ward of the Uptown area. This science museum is anchored in a future mixed-use development master plan and provides a connection between the nearby neighborhoods and Charlotte's City Center. This museum aims to combine science with technology and community to create an interactive experience that is both educational and entertaining. The building's IMAX dome theater will be accessible to the public and easily up-to-date. Check out this new website in Charlotte.

It has an indoor aquarium
If you are looking for an indoor aquarium in Charlotte, North Carolina, look no further than Discovery Place Science. This science museum is a great place to bring the family, as there is something for everyone to enjoy. Located in Uptown, the attraction is perfect for families with children and adults alike. The museum features over 50 different species of fish, including sea turtles and sharks. For a unique experience, be sure to check out their interactive stingray encounters.

For kids, the Discovery Place Science is the perfect place to explore. There are interactive exhibits covering earth science, physics, and more. There is even a rainforest exhibit and an aquarium to take a look at. Visiting Discovery Place will also allow you to view educational films in their IMAX Dome Theatre. If you're looking for something more adult-only, consider a tour of the museum after hours.

It has a Stay-At-Home science portal
For families with kids, Discovery Place Science is the perfect place to take them to explore all things science. The museum's interactive exhibits and IMAX Dome Theatre will help you experience science like never before. It also hosts a monthly event called Science on the Rocks, where kids can enjoy science-related activities, contests, and music. In addition, you can even enjoy a cocktail or two while your kids explore the science exhibits!

You can also take your kids to the museum's exhibits or to learn about the different kinds of animals. Kids can visit the science exhibits about where "Over the Rainbow" is and the Science of Sound. They can also choose from activities that teach them about their favorite animal species. Classes are available for children of all ages, starting at $5 for children from one to eighteen. Some classes even feature virtual coding classes and 15 different zoos.
It offers off-site educational experiences.

Charlotte Science Museum is a Great Destination!

Off-site educational experiences are an important part of a visit to the Discovery Place Science. You can find the off-site activities you're looking for at their website.

There are several off-site learning opportunities available for groups, including off-site outreach activities. The Discovery Place Education Studio at the Bank of America STEM Center for Career Development is dedicated to professional development for educators and the advancement of STEM achievement. Groups of 15 or more are also eligible to take advantage of discounts on admission. To save money on your next visit to Discovery Place Science Charlotte NC, book a group tour today.

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