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Navigating Your Truck Accident Claim with a Concord Attorney

Truck accidents can be devastating due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved and being involved in a truck accident is an unsettling experience that often leaves victims physically injured, emotionally distressed, and financially strained. Common causes of truck accidents include driver fatigue, speeding, mechanical failures, poor weather conditions, improper loading of cargo, and distracted driving. The liability falls on different groups depending on the circumstances. Understanding your rights and navigating the complex legal landscape becomes crucial during these times. By relying on  the experience of a Concord truck accident law firm, you have professional legal guidance to secure the compensation you deserve.

Legalities of Truck Accident Claims in North Carolina

Truck accidents fall under North Carolina's personal injury law, which operates under a contributory negligence rule.  This is a legal concept that says if you're even slightly at fault (1% or more) in an accident, you can't recover any damages (money) at all from the other party. This is a strict rule and North Carolina is one of the few states that still applies it. So, for example, if a truck driver was speeding and caused an accident, but you were also found to be texting while driving, you might be considered partially at fault and may not be able to receive any compensation for your injuries or vehicle damage.

You must also keep the statute of limitations in mind after the accident. This law sets a time limit on your right to file a lawsuit after you've suffered some kind of harm. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which includes truck accidents, is typically three years. This means that if you're involved in a truck accident, you have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you don't file your lawsuit within this time period, you may lose your right to sue and recover any damages.

Importance of Establishing Liability

Liability means responsibility. In the context of a truck accident, determining liability means figuring out who was at fault or responsible for causing the accident. This is important because, under the law, the party at fault is typically responsible for paying damages to the injured party. 

For example, a truck driver, having been on the road for an extended period without proper rest, falls asleep at the wheel on the interstate. The truck veers off the lane and collides with a passenger car, causing a multi-vehicle pileup. Maybe a truck experiences brake failure due to inadequate maintenance. Unable to stop at a red light, the truck crashes into cross-traffic, leading to severe injuries. Possibly a truck carrying a heavy, but improperly secured load takes a turn too fast. The cargo shifts, causing the truck to overturn and crash into several nearby vehicles.

Each of these scenarios is complicated once you dig into the details and while it may seem easy on the surface to assign liability, it will likely require personal injury lawyers, insurance adjusters, and expert testimony to determine the extent of the damages and fault.

The liability could fall on the truck driver, but it could also be the trucking company if, for example, the company encouraged the driver to break safety rules to meet a deadline, or if the company didn't properly maintain the truck. It could even be a third party, like a company that improperly loaded cargo onto the truck.

But remember, due to the contributory negligence rule in North Carolina, if you're found to be even slightly at fault, you might not be able to recover any damages. So it's crucial to establish liability accurately and clearly. This process often involves gathering evidence like police reports, witness statements, and sometimes expert testimony. It's generally recommended to work with a Concord personal injury attorney in such cases, as they have the experience and skills to effectively establish liability and navigate these complex legal issues.

The Role of a Truck Accident Lawyer

A seasoned truck accident lawyer can play a vital role in your claim. They start by conducting a thorough investigation, gathering evidence from the accident scene, police reports, witness testimonies, and trucking company records. In a 2021 case, a Concord attorney discovered during the investigation that the truck involved in the accident had faulty brakes, a factor not noted in the police report. This finding significantly strengthened their client's case.

Next, they determine the value of your claim, considering medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and any future expenses related to the accident. Once this is accomplished, they negotiate with the insurance companies. Given the aggressive tactics often employed by insurance adjusters, having a seasoned attorney by your side can ensure you're not shortchanged.

If negotiations don't yield a fair settlement, your Concord attorney will be prepared to take your case to trial, presenting the gathered evidence to argue your case in court effectively. This was the case in 2020, where a Concord law firm won a jury verdict of over $1 million for their client after the insurance company's initial lowball settlement offer.

Concord Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident attorney in Concord, NC should be seasoned in handling legal cases related to truck accidents. These professionals play an essential role in advising and guiding clients through the complicated legal landscape, helping them seek the compensation they deserve. 

Once you have retained an attorney, they will initiate a comprehensive inquiry into the accident. This includes accumulating all accessible evidence, which can range from police documents, statements from witnesses, footage from traffic cameras, to other pertinent information from the site of the incident. In order to construct a solid case, the lawyer might collaborate with experts in fields such as accident reconstruction and medical evaluation. Additionally, the attorney will seek to identify every party that may bear some responsibility for the accident, including but not limited to the truck operator, the company employing the trucker, the manufacturer of the truck, and those responsible for loading the truck's cargo.

After gathering all the necessary evidence and information, the attorney will work to accurately estimate the value of your claim. This includes not only monetary losses like medical expenses and property damage, but also intangible losses like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of life's enjoyment. If you are unable to work due to the accident, your lawyer will also calculate lost earnings and potential future income. If the victim’s family is filing the claim because the victim was tragically killed, lifetime earnings may also be calculated. 

Seasoned truck accident attorneys possess exceptional negotiation skills. They act as your liaison to the insurance companies, communicating on your behalf and safeguarding your rights throughout the process. It's not uncommon for insurance providers to try to reduce their financial responsibility or even reject the claim outright. However, your lawyer will leverage the evidence gathered to build a compelling case, striving to negotiate a settlement that accurately reflects the extent of your damages and losses.

If a fair settlement can't be reached with the insurance company, and mediation attempts have been exhausted, the case may go to court. In this situation, your attorney will represent you and present your case before the judge or jury. They will argue on your behalf, present evidence, and counter any arguments presented by the defense.

Choosing a Concord Truck Accident Attorney

It may seem like any personal injury lawyer should be competent and able to represent you successfully in a case, but this is just not the reality. To find the right Concord truck accident attorney, consider their experience with truck accident cases, their track record, and their resources. Law firms with experience in truck accidents often have a network of experts, including accident reconstructionists, medical professionals, and investigators to build a robust case. Check out client testimonials and case results on their websites for an insight into their credibility.

Truck accident claims are complex and require careful navigation. A seasoned Concord truck accident attorney can guide you through the process, ensuring your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. Despite the chaos and confusion that follows a truck accident, remember, legal help is just a call away. Contact our team at Rosensteel Fleishman Car Accident & Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation about your case.

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