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Independence Day Tragedy: Denton Man Charged in Box Truck Collision Resulting in Two Fatalities on Stokes Ferry Road, Rowan County, N.C. on July 4, 2023

Rowan County, NC (July 4, 2023) - Local news outlets report a heartbreaking accident unfolded on Independence Day in Rowan County, North Carolina, that resulted in the loss of two lives.

Jason Avery Hall, 52, of Concord, and Sarah McCoy were tragically killed in a horrific accident involving a motorcycle and a box truck on Stokes Ferry Road. The pair were out for a ride when their motorcycle collided with a box truck, setting in motion a series of devastating events.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol and the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office were quick to respond to the grim scene. Their preliminary investigation revealed that the box truck's driver, Wesley Elvitt Bennett, a 30-year-old from Denton, had run a stop sign at the junction of Stokes Ferry Road and High Rock Road, instigating the deadly collision.

In the aftermath of the disaster, the ordinarily bustling Stokes Ferry Road had to be shut down for a prolonged period. The thoroughfare, a major artery in the region, wasn't reopened until just after 6 p.m.

Troopers from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol say Bennett ran the stop sign at High Rock Road. The aftermath painted a stark picture, with the box truck's driver's side showing considerable damage. Despite the significant impact, Bennett walked away from the accident unscathed. He is now facing charges of misdemeanor death by vehicle and running a stop sign.

In light of this tragic accident, it's worth noting that every choice on the road can have far-reaching consequences. This dreadful event has undoubtedly left a lasting mark on the Rowan County community, prompting a renewed call for driver awareness and road safety.

Rosensteel Fleishman: A Top-Rated Personal Injury and Car Accident Law Firm

In the wake of the heartbreaking accident on Stokes Ferry Road, attention turns to the legal repercussions. At the forefront of personal injury and car accident law is Rosensteel Fleishman, a highly regarded law firm based in Charlotte, NC. This team of dedicated professionals offers considerable experience in personal injury, car accidents, truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, and wrongful death cases.

Matthew Fleishman, a seasoned attorney at the firm, said, "At Rosensteel Fleishman, our hearts go out to the victims of this terrible accident, as well as their families and friends. We are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive legal advice during this difficult time."

Their Focus and Authority in the Field

Rosensteel Fleishman is a popular choice among those seeking legal recourse for personal injuries or car accidents. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, they've gained authority in their field, extending their services to victims of truck accidents and tractor-trailer accidents. They work tirelessly to ensure their clients' rights are upheld and that they receive the legal support they need.

The Role of a Charlotte Truck Accident Attorney in Navigating Post-Accident Trauma

In the wake of a devastating accident like the one on Stokes Ferry Road, you may find yourself questioning, "How can a truck accident lawyer based in Charlotte assist in such a complex situation?" As one grapples with the aftermath of such an event, the legal intricacies can add an additional layer of stress to an already traumatic situation. This is where a truck accident lawyer's role becomes critical.

Navigating the Legal Maze with Ease

A seasoned truck accident attorney in Charlotte, such as those at Rosensteel Fleishman, can untangle the complex web of legalities that follow an accident. They are adept at understanding the nuances of laws pertaining to truck accidents, thus enabling them to build a robust case that safeguards the victim's interests. They work meticulously, gathering necessary evidence, evaluating the accident scene, and scrutinizing police and medical reports to establish liability.

The Profound Impact of a Personal Injury Lawyer Post a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The loss of a loved one in a tragic motorcycle accident, like the one witnessed in Rowan County, NC, can be overwhelmingly distressing. "How can a personal injury attorney help during such a grim period?" you might wonder. Rosensteel Fleishman, a top-rated personal injury law firm, provides an answer.

Empathetic Legal Guidance in Difficult Times

Personal injury lawyers, with their extensive experience and understanding of the law, can be instrumental in pursuing compensation for wrongful death. They act as pillars of support for the grieving family, guiding them through the legal process with empathy and compassion. Lawyers at Rosensteel Fleishman, for instance, handle each case with a personalized approach, ensuring that their clients' rights are prioritized and their interests protected.

In the aftermath of such accidents, reaching out to experienced legal professionals can provide a measure of solace. It helps to know that someone is diligently working to seek justice on behalf of the deceased, ensuring that their loss does not go unanswered. Rosensteel Fleishman stands ready to extend their legal expertise and empathetic guidance to those in need.

Taking Action Post-Accident

The aftermath of an accident can be a challenging time, full of uncertainty and confusion. This is when having a professional and experienced law firm by your side can make a world of difference. The team at Rosensteel Fleishman is well-versed in handling cases that involve wrongful deaths and understand the intricacies of navigating such sensitive matters.

Corey Rosensteel, a principal at the firm, shared, "Our role is not just to offer legal advice but to guide individuals and their families through an emotionally taxing period. We're here to help, to provide a beacon of hope amidst the darkness."

Why Reach Out to Rosensteel Fleishman?

Rosensteel Fleishman provides a level of personal attention and professionalism that sets them apart. From the moment you call their Charlotte, NC office at 1-704-714-1450, you'll find a team ready to listen, understand, and act. They're not just lawyers but also empathetic individuals who genuinely care about the outcomes of their clients' cases.

If you or someone you know was involved in the tragic Stokes Ferry Road accident, don't hesitate to reach out to Rosensteel Fleishman Car Accident & Injury Lawyers. Visit their website at to discuss your rights and receive the support you need during this difficult time.

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