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Airport Checkpoint Issues

Transportation Security Administration Issues The Transportation Security Administration or TSA is a Federal Government Agency tasked with providing security for US airports. Their security officers are particularly recognizable for their presence at airport checkpoints across the United States. They are the people in the blue uniforms who check your baggage and your for guns and explosives. Violating the rules at checkpoints can land individuals in criminal trouble.  It can also lead to hefty civil fines.  Frequently the checkpoint violation is an accident. For instance an individual forgets that he has a handgun in his carry-on bag, or a person is given a gift of a decommissioned weapon and tries to carry that weapon on board. Even though a person has no intention of using the weapon on the airplane fines and criminal charges result. There may be defenses to criminal charges available that you should discuss with an attorney. Additionally, you may have options to receive a hearing through the TSA to reduce or eliminate a potential civil penalty (fine). If you have a criminal charge as a result of a TSA Checkpoint violation or you have received a Notice of Violation from the TSA or the Department of Homeland Security please call our office today to discuss the process and possible defenses. It is important to realize that there are strict deadlines that apply to these processes and contacting us immediately aids us in being fully prepared to handle your case.

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