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"One of the best phone calls I’ve ever made!"

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"I will always be grateful."

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Why Choose RFLAW?

We don’t advertise on television, radio, the phone book, billboards or send letters to your home. We’ve represented thousands of individuals for their personal injuries, DWI DUI’s and traffic tickets many of whom were referrals from former clients as well as other lawyers. We believe our best advertising is a successful client.

"I am forever indebted and will continue to give nothing but praise and recommendations!”--WB(Google Review)

Charlotte Personal Injury

Our lawyers advocate to get our clients the results they deserve. Verdicts and Settlements

"If ever I need an attorney to help me or any one of my family members I will be calling Mr. Fleishman." --Joseph M. Jackson

"We will forever be grateful to the Rosensteel Fleishman law firm." A.M.

"Mr. "Fleishman went above and beyond to assist me. " Carol Lord
"He was there for my tears, my fears and my frustrations." Cheryl Painter

DWI DUI Traffic Tickets

Our traffic attorneys are in court everyday handling our clients' DWI DUI’s, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations. Our traffic lawyers handle traffic matters in Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, and Monroe.

"Your firm will be the first and only call I make" --Andrew Z

"I could not have wished for better representation." --Jeff

"I am happy to recommend them to others." - Harry Weitzel

Charlotte Personal Injury - Learn More

Thousands of people have turned to our personal injury lawyers looking for help after they or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice or other negligence case. Our attorneys have won millions of dollars for our clients in and out of the courtroom throughout North Carolina. Please view some of our verdicts and settlements and call us to discuss your case.

Traffic Tickets - Learn More

If you have received a speeding ticket or other NC traffic violation you may have a number of questions dealing with your insurance, licenses and driving record. Our Charlotte traffic attorneys are frequently sought out by the local media as well as serving as presenters at continuing legal education classes.

Charlotte DWI DUI Defense - Learn More

After you have been charged with a Charlotte Mecklenburg DWI DUI you will most likely have many questions. When searching for a DUI lawyer in Charlotte this article will provide the basic elements of a Charlotte DWI DUI charge and how best the attorney can fight it.

Criminal Defense - Learn More

The presumption of innocence is a fundamental tenet of the American Justice System. Each Charlotte criminal defense attorney of Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC never lets the District Attorney or jury forget that the Defendant is presumed innocent before the eyes of the law.

Charlotte, NC TV Interviews - Charlotte DWI, Traffic Tickets and Personal Injury

Practice Area In Focus - Traffic Tickets

Our traffic lawyers have handled thousands of traffic tickets for individuals across North Carolina. These tickets range from speeding tickets, red light violations, to DWI. We encourage you to review our site for up to date information on this ever changing area of the law. We further encourage you to contact us regarding your ticket. You will speak directly with an attorney who can answer all of your questions regarding the best way to handle your traffic ticket. Our traffic attorneys handle traffic violations in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Gastonia, Gaston County, Monroe, Union County and Concord, Cabarrus County.

Client Testimonials

  • I’m very pleased with my lawyer, Cory Rosensteele and his team, which included Luis Panessi, for their excellent attention to detail and genuine concern for my case and well being. Luis went above and beyond to make sure that I got some extra money from my settlement that the hospital was trying to keep, this was absolutely something that couldn’t have come at a better time. I recommend this office 100%
    Dalis Ruiz 2017 Google Review
  • To start, I'm a paralegal and I pride myself in the fact that my clients trust me. That trust has been strong enough to have clients follow from one firm to another. On that note, I hold the attorneys and paralegals to the same standard that I hold for myself. That being said, I am extremely satisfied with Attorney Fleishman and the two paralegals that handled my case for the last three years. Ethics: From the very first phone call I had with Mr. Fleishman, he upheld the code of ethics to a "T". He never once steered from them. Thoroughness: He was always extremely thorough in explaining everything to me to ensure I was 100 percent understanding. Timely: If I emailed him, I would receive a response within 15 minutes, for the most part. I think only once did it take a couple of hours (the email did not require a response) and he still responded and apologized for he delay. I find that it is unrealistic to expect a response in 15 minutes and would only expect one after 24 hours. Honesty: I have seen in most practices the paralegals and/or attorneys lying to clients to cover their mistakes. I never once found that he lied to me. If he told me something was going to be done, it was and it was done when he said it would be. He called when he said he would and never made me feel rushed. Paralegals: The first paralegal I dealt with was just amazing. She would hunt me down if I told her I would have something to her or done and failed to do it. She kept me on my toes! She was simply amazing. She was friendly and didn't make me feel like I was just business. She remembered details about my family that were not relevant to my case and just made me feel welcomed. I'm not sure why, or if she is still at the firm, but for the last year or so out of the three years my case was open, she didn't handle my case. The second paralegal who handled my case had a rough start. I'm not sure if him taking over for the first forced him to start behind but I know my mother, as well as myself, felt as though he would "ditch" us. We would call and he "wouldn't be in" and we would leave voicemails and he wouldn't return phone calls. I began to lose trust in the firm and decided to reach out to Mr. Fleishman. I remind Mr. Fleishman of my profession and told him that I know the paralegals are the biggest part of the firm's relationship with the clients and how important it is that they make their clients feel confident in their trust. I explained to Mr. Fleishman what was occurring and told him I'm not trying to get him into trouble or have him fired and that maybe he doesn't realize what he is doing. From that point forward, those issues came to a stop and the paralegal showed me I am able to trust him. I decided to give the firm 5 stars, in leu of this small hiccup because my concerns were handled immediately and did not happen again. Settlement: Mr. Fleishman never sugar coated anything. He always told me what to expect and never made a promise he couldn't keep. He did what any attorney should have done and prepared me for an amount that he was confident was reasonable. He did not set me up for disappointment and tell me a higher amount to have me let down. When it came time to settle my case, he called me and told me he settled my case for nearly double the amount he prepared me for. I cried. My son was in the vehicle with me during my accident and he had minimal injuries. Because his settlement was such a small amount, Mr. Fleishman discounted his fees from 30 to 20 percent. For me to have such an outstanding reference, I feel that says a lot. I never met Mr. Fleishman in person, or his paralegals, due to the fact I lived in Jacksonville and he was in Charlotte. A Jacksonville on duty police officer pulled out in front of me in his cruiser and I totaled my car. I was suing the City of Jacksonville's insurance. The first attorney I met with, in Jacksonville, basically made me feel as though he was fighting for the other team. He knew the adjuster personally and it seemed as though he was timid to "take on" the police in the city he worked in. I decided on finding an attorney in Charlotte to ensure there wasn't any conflicts of interest. I was NOT disappointed!
    Traci A. 2017 Yelp Review
  • Matt Fleishman is an amazing attorney and his paralegal Issac Barker I couldn't have asked for better people to represent me after my wreck they checked up on me every week and walked me though everything if I had a question no matter what they answered the phone or email if you ever need an attorney call Mr. Fleishman you will be in great hands
    Cesar A. 2017 Yelp Review
  • I found Rosensteel Fleishman many years ago for a speeding ticket, I was new to Charlotte and needed someone to take care of it. I googled Charlotte traffic tickets, and saw a million attorneys who could handle tickets. I visited a couple of websites, but something caught my eye about this firm, I saw they don't advertise, they only use word of mouth. I thought this very interesting since I was already receiving mail from attorneys, and I flipped through the stacks of letters I received and sure enough I didn't see one from this firm. So I called and made an appointment, Mr. Fleishman asked me a couple of questions, but more important he asked about me as a person, I could tell he was different from other attorneys I have dealt with in the past, no other attorney has taken the time to ask about me and my family and that meant something to me. I could tell he wasn't in this just for the money, but he was in this for the client, and all I had was a traffic ticket but I felt as if my case was important to him. Of course the ticket was dropped and everyone went on their way. Fast forward to November 2011, I was involved in a major accident, someone rear ended me and caused a 4 car pile up with me being sandwiched between the other cars. I was rushed to the hospital, had some injuries, nothing major enough to warrant me to stay in the hospital overnight and I was released. The next day I visited my car and noticed just how bad it was, I knew I needed an attorney to help get my medical bills paid. I immediately thought of this firm, and I made an appointment, the paralegal at the time recognized my voice and asked how I was etc. then I told her I was in a bad accident, and I could honestly tell in her voice she was concerned. When I met with Mr. Fleishman, he went over all of the details on the next steps and was truly concerned about me, my parents were with me at the time, and he even impressed them, because as most people know attorneys are in the business to make money while this attorney was here talking to me like he's known me for years and asking about my family, and how I was feeling. A couple of days later, I realized I was on the clock when the accident happened, and Mr. Rosenesteel started on my case as well since he handles that aspect of the firm, again I was blown away by the way he treated me. I wont get into details about my case, because it would become a book but I will say it wasn't a easy case, I ended up with life long injuries and towards the end of my case I was left with a HUGE lien against my personal injury settlement by workers comp (of course they wanted their money back). Both attorneys had a long discussion with me about the pro's and con's of each course of action I could take to reduce/throw out the lein, and that's one thing I greatly appreciated during my case, every decision I had to make, the attorneys were there giving me all of the avenues I could take and what each one would do to my case. My case took almost 4 years to settle completely, I called way to often to ask questions and was NEVER given the cold shoulder or a bad attitude because I called to much, I was always called back the same day or the very next morning. I honestly believe the settlement I received was the best I could have received and no other attorney could have gotten me more on that avenue and Mr. Rosensteel handled workers compensation better then I could have ever hoped, I had the All-Star attorneys on my side and it showed throughout my case. I may have ended up with life long injuries from my accident, but Mr. Fleishman and Mr. Rosensteel both had my best interest at heart and I received the best outcome possible. Thank you Mr. Fleishman, and Mr. Rosensteel for all you have done, I greatly appreciate it and I could have never picked better attorneys to help me during this time in my life.
    Julian Brown (Charlotte, NC) 2015 Google Review
  • I would like to give thanks and extend my appreciation to Mr. Matthew Fleishman for his devotion in presenting my son, Brent Rodgers’ Mediation case, in 2006. I was so impressed with how he demonstrated such professionalism and grace and in the end all parties involved were satisfied. I will always be grateful and I feel really good about referring others to you because of a job WELL DONE.!!! You will always be my Attorney. Again, thank you and I sincerely wish you, your family and your firm a healthy, wealthy and most prosperous New Year.
    Ms. Jean A. Rodgers (Charlotte, NC)
  • The first attorney I contacted was one of the many who sent me a flyer or letter after I was hit by a car. That attorney’s assistant did not even put my call through when I told her I thought I had only soft tissue damage. So I looked and found Matthew Fleishman. That was one of the best phone calls I’ve ever made! My call was put right through to him. Attorney M. Fleishman urged me to keep seeing a doctor when my pain persisted and he was so right. I ended up having 2 surgeries as a result of that wreck. He was patient and always returned my calls. He worked hard on my behalf. I was very happy with his level of service and the compensation I received for my injuries.
    Ms. Alison Jacques (Charlotte, NC)
  • Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC repersented me in my personal injury auto accident case. Attorney Matthew Fleishman and his Paralegal Victoria Johnson were there for me from the minute I called for their services. My case was what would seem to be pretty cut and dry as I was ” T- boned” by an SUV driving without it’s headlights at night time. I had a witness testify the same thing. The other driver’s insurance company did not want to offer anything more to me than my medical bills. Nothing for pain and suffering, loss of work, etc. The insurance company instead of offering any more to settle went to trial were they were trying to have a jury find me in contributory negligence. In other words if the accident that happened was proven or believed to be even 1% my fault then I would be on the hook for all the expenses and the insurance company would walk away expense free. I went through surgery , had doctor bills, vehicle damage, lawyer and other fees that were mine until judgement would be made. Attorney Matthew Fleishman won my case and did it exceeded any expectations I had. He had the witnesses, expert witnesses in place and a game plan to go by. The amount I received for my judgement was outstanding not only due to his ability to perform in front of a jury in the Mecklenburg County Court House in Uptown Charlotte , North Carolina but also because of his own rule “He never takes more than his client gets in the end”. Thank you Attorney Fleishman.
    Ryan Hanlon December 2013 Google Review
  • I am so happy I found this law firm to represent me. About 7 months ago, I was involved in a personal injury incident. I ve never met such a honest, dedicated and committed individual as Mr. Fleishman. He put my mind at ease immediately. The whole staff was extremely helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs expert representation! Thank you again Mr. Fleishman. Sincerely, Cindy Zimmers
    Cindy Zimmers February 24, 2014 Yahoo Review
  • I was injured in a vehicle accident through no fault of my own. The other driver struck me while I was riding my motorcycle. Luckily I didn’t sustain lasting injuries and the driver admitted fault to the incident. I was however left in an intense fog and unable to handle the insurance company on my own. Also because I work in an automotive shop I knew my injuries would keep me from working for many weeks. At first I was going to attempt dealing with the insurance company on my own, but I quickly realized I would be unable to represent myself well enough to get what I needed to be well again. I had thought about using other firms that use a lot of advertising or say they specialize in motorcycle accidents but my wife found Rosensteel Fleishman and decided they would be the best firm for us. Boy was she right! The insurance company that we had to deal with dropped the ball so many times one both the property damage claim and personal injury claim. Luckily the staff at Rosensteel Fleishman were always professional and had my best interests in mind from start to end. Matt Fleishman explained everything to us through all the most important steps and informed me of what our options were and took the time to explain each one. Mr. Fleishman and his paralegal assistant Tory worked very hard for us and always had an answer for every question even though the insurance company was using unorthodox tactics. If you are in a similar situation, believe me you can trust Rosensteel Fleishman.
    Chris Compton March 2014 Google Review
  • My wife and I were involved in an accident in March of 2013. We were hit while crossing an intersection and our car rolled onto its roof. We contacted Matt in the couple days after the incident and were very pleased with his counsel. He advised us on how to handle our situation and we were very pleased with the result after our case was settled. Additionally, his staff, particularly Tori, worked very hard on making sure we had transportation and that our property damage claim was handled appropriately. I recommend Matt to anyone who has been in an accident with bodily injury. He’ll make sure you’re matter is handled well and will make sure that you understand what is happening every step of the way.
    G. Tosi January 2014 Google Review
  • Mr. Fleishman has been my lawyer in resolving a car accident I was involved in. I found Mr. Fleishman to be dedicated to my problem. He and his staff updated me constantly as new information came in regarding my case. Mr. Fleishman and his staff were courteous and helpful at all times. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal representation. Mr. Fleishman, to you and your staff, a very grateful and sincere thank you!!
    Arturo DeLuca May 2014
  • I was recommended to Rosensteel Fleishman by my doctor after a car accident. Both Matthew and his paralegal, Dawn, spent a lot of time educating me on the process and making me feel at ease with my decisions. I appreciated the personal feel and I would without a doubt use them again.
    Sarah Schoormann December 2014 Google Review
  • I want to thank Mr. Matt Fleishman and his staff for their professionalism, care,and guidance I received while being represented in a personal injury case. Mr. Fleishman was able to explain the litigation process in a manner that was calming, precise, with all viable options outlined with examples I could understand. The lines of communication were always open therefore enabling me to seek guidance at anytime during my case. It is because of Mr. Fleishman and his staff that I was able to concentrate on getting better rather than worry about how to navigate insurance companies and health agencies. It is without reservation that I recommend Rosensteel Fleishman Attorneys at Law.
    Paige Moore October 13, 2014 Yahoo Review
  • I’m very pleased of the work Mr. Fleishman has done solving my Accident case, his dedication, professionalism, help and support during all time while my case resolved was excelling beyond the norm. My sincere gratitude goes to Matthew Fleishman for my excellent legal representation. Thank you very much for displaying experience and skill to get the best possible results for me. Sincerely Happy Client.
    Kay Floyd December 2014 Google Review
  • I first came to know Matthew Fleishman about 6 years ago after my Mom had a terrible accident in a furniture store. She had tripped on an exposed electrical conduit and broke her hip. My Mom chose Matt to represent her in her suit against the store. Matt was successful at obtaining a rather large settlement in that case. Matt and his paralegal team were very accommodating to my Mom visiting her several times at the rehab and at her home. They really cared about Mom’s recovery and made sure she was comfortable every step of the way. Matt was knowledgeable about all aspects of the litigation and was a great help to our family… Now fast forward to last year when my pregnant wife was rear ended in an auto collision. Matt was the first call after we left the ER. He and his staff again took care of us every step of the way. They made sure my wife had the physical therapy she needed for her injury and made sure her car was repaired absolutely perfect. Our Baby was unhurt and she is perfect. Again Matt took on the opposing insurance company and got a great settlement for my wife. 5 Stars in every department! I highly recommend Rosensteel Fleishman for all your Legal needs!
    David Brenner January 2015 Google Review
  • Mr. Fleishman represented my daughter when she was struck by an automobile and we are very pleased with his expertise. He was patient, through and extremely professional. I would recommend him to anyone and will assure you that your in great hands
    Andrew August 29, 2012 Yahoo Review
  • I found Matthew Fleishman to be a nice and polite young man who always conducted himself in a very professional manner. My calls were returned promptly and he never made me feel as if I was being rushed to finish the conversation. He made me feel as if I was the only client he had, even though I realize that was not the case. He listened to my comments, concerns, and questions, as well as those of my sons, with compassion for our loss of a husband and father. Matthew took a personal interest in my family. He was there for my tears, my fears and my frustrations. My case settled to my satisfaction due to his expertise and uncompromising dedication. I have and will continue to recommend Matthew to anyone who finds themselves in the same malpractice situation I was placed in
    Cheryl Painter (Mount Holly, NC)
  • I was involved in an accident with an automobile while riding my bicycle. After being rejected by three “prominent” attorneys in Charlotte I fortunately contacted Matthew Fleishman. After reviewing the evidence Mr. Fleishman immediately took my case and filed a lawsuit. I found him to be consistently honest, factual, and to the point. Because of his integrity, knowledge of the law, and excellent presentation of the case, the lawsuit was settled in my favor and complete satisfaction in four months. I strongly recommend Matthew Fleishman to anyone who may have a legal problem.
    Tyron Thorson (Waxhaw, NC)
  • Two summers ago I was involved in an accident. I was hit by a car, while walking and knocked off a bridge. I spent the night in the hospital but was blessed without serious injuries. However, multiple insurance companies were involved making the situation well over my head. After reviewing attorneys in the area, I decided to go with Rosensteel Fleishman PLLC. Mr. Fleishman was recommended by friends of the family and did not disappoint. He was prompt with his communication, and I appreciated him taking the time to make sure I understood what was going on, breaking down the details of the case and thoroughly answering all my questions. I also appreciated his advice, describing my options, rather than pushing me towards any one decision. Mr. Fleishmann knows his material, and is always well prepared. The same goes for his staff. Over all I was very pleased with how they handled me as their client. My goal was to have the settlement cover my medical bills, and working with Rosensteel Fleishman PLLC, the bills were covered and more. Mr. Fleishman stood by his promise to never take more than his client receives, and that only added to his credible reputation. I recommend Rosensteel Fleishman PLLC to anyone with a personal injury claim.
    Steven Perry March 2014 Google Review
  • Hello, I am writing this testimonial to strongly encourage anyone who is injured in a car accident to either call an ambulance or go see a doctor as soon as possible. I am also writing to tell you to get a lawyer because even though you may not be at fault, if you cannot prove that you were injured, you may have to pay. I know this is true because I was injured in a car accident. I didn’t see a doctor right away and I almost had to pay over $8 thousand in medical bills. After I decided to get an attorney, he later abandoned my case. I didn’t know what to do. I saw this website and I decided to try Mr. Fleishman and I am so happy that I did. He decided to take my case even though it was not a lucrative one. What I appreciated about Mr. Fleishman was that he handled my case in a timely manner and answered my many questions in such a helpful and informative way. Although my case was not a million dollar case, I felt as if Mr. Fleishman treated it as if it was. He is also an expert negotiator and was able to get my bills reduced. I even ended up with a small settlement! There are so many negative things said about lawyers nowadays, but I am happy to say that Mr. Fleishman is not only a great attorney, but also a man of integrity. Someone recommended my first attorney who abandoned my case, I know you may be nervous about securing a lawyer based on testimonials, but I took a chance and it worked for me!
    Sonya Ramsey February 2015 Google Review
  • Mr. Matthew Fleishman and his staff were excellent. They really took their time and explained every step to me and my niece regarding my case. Everything that he said he would and could do was done with efficiency and tact. If ever I need an attorney to help me or any one of my family members I will be calling Mr. Fleishman and his team. Many Regards & Be Blessed
    Joseph M. Jackson (Kershaw, SC)
  • My experience with Rosensteel Fleishman was, in a word, outstanding. After my accident, Mr. Fleishman and his staff exceeded my expectations, and got me the maximum amount money that I was owed by the insurance company. They were thorough, efficient and professional. I will highly recommend them to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.
    Carolyn Shepard June 2015 Google Review
  • Expressing sincerest thanks to the Rosensteel Fleishman law firm for helping me with all aspects of car accident recovery. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience dealing with this difficult life event. When I contacted them it was immediately clear I had found the stellar representation I needed. I was empowered to make decisions that have resulted in a level of physical and financial wellness I couldn’t have achieved otherwise. I cannot recommend them enough!
    Lisa Fiser June 2015 Google Review
  • Matthew Fleishman is a consummate professional and gentleman. His skills are clearly reflected in the positive results he produced. Moreover, he shows keen insight into the human element, keeping me informed of his progress and important events. A true advocate, Mr. Fleishman listens carefully, offers expert opinion, presents clear options and works tirelessly. I would surely use him again and recommend him highly.
    Chuck Cooper (Concord, NC)
  • Rosensteel Fleishman did a great job at representing me in Circuit Court and I am happy to recommend them to others in need of a top notch attorney.
    Harry Weitzel (Murrells Inlet, SC)
  • In the future I'll personally recommend Mr. Fleishman to anyone who is in need of representation. The office staff is very friendly, helpful in all areas of concern and is sympathetic to the needs of their clients. Mr. Fleishman went above and beyond to assist me. He answered all of my questions and did not rush through my phone calls. He listened to my questions and answered them in lay terms. I was also very pleased with the courteous service received by the office staff and will continue to use their services in the future. Great Lawyer - Great advice Thank you
    Carol Lord (Charlotte, NC)
  • Attorney Fleishman was a great relief to me and my family when he personally took over my car accident case. He was inspirational, detailed, professional, engaging, understanding, hardworking, thorough, and I received a huge settlement. So I thank attorney Fleishman from the bottom of my heart - forever; he helped to change my life.
    Gwendolyn White (Trenton, NC)
  • Very Pleased I offered to write this review as a result of the abilities that Corey demonstrated. After getting charged for a DWI, I sought out a few legal opinions. I spoke with one attorney who offered no hope for a fight and was still looking for good $$. I then came across Corey. If I was impressed with his background from the web-site, I was blown away upon speaking with him. Each and every contact from that point on, Corey had the intensity that I needed to win this case. During each court date, he was well prepared and had a plan based on the judge who was scheduled to be on the bench that day. In addition to knowing the laws (which he obviously did) but he also knew how to maneuver throughout the court system which was a huge advantage to me in this case. Long story short, we had four points which we thought we had a good fight on, the judge dismissed the case after hearing only two. It really wasn't even fair. Glad to say.
    Bob L (Matthews, NC)
  • I have never dealt with anyone as professional as Mr. Matt Fleishman. He is truly an attorney that wants the best service for his client...If I ever need an attorney again Matt Fleishman is the only one I would think to call. Thanks Matt you made me and my family very happy.
    Martin Paschal (Greensboro, NC)
  • I am very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and timely response to my accident claim. I will certainly use Matt Fleishman's services if the need arises in the future.
    Glenda Nance (Charlotte, NC)
  • I'm highly satisfied with the services of Mr. Fleishman! He went all the way to get me the best compensation possible and truly exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you!
    Anatoliy Negru (Charlotte, NC)


For two consecutive years the attorneys of Rosensteel Fleishman have been named the Mecklenburg County Bar LRS’s Lawyer of the Year!

Over the years more than half a million people have come to to find help for their legal problems. Whether your searching for the best Charlotte personal injury lawyer or medical malpractice we can help.  Our lawyers are frequently interviewed by the media regarding their expertise on North Carolina personal injury law and our current cases including car accidents, wrongful death, and malpractice.  The one place you will never see us in a commercial. You won’t find a letter from us among the pile you received from other lawyers regarding your car accident. We’ve staked our livelihood on the belief that the word of a satisfied client spreads faster than an advertisement. Individuals looking for the best way to handle their case find their way to Rosensteel Fleishman.

Our clients range from the individual who was involved in a personal injury in Charlotte to one of the largest banks in the United States. Our lawyers serve individuals across North Carolina.  When you are searching for the best personal injury lawyer to handle your car accident or other personal injury case we invite you to compare Rosensteel Fleishman to the lawyers who flood your mailbox and television with advertisements.  We limit the number of cases we handle a year, which allows us to spend more time with our client effectively representing them.  Our prospective clients are routinely referred by former clients, the medical community, and other lawyers.

Individuals, the media and businesses continue to call on the legal expertise of Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC because of our experience and the results we secure for our clients. Our practice is designed wherein the best trained lawyers and staff work in specific areas of the law. The lawyer who handles your worker’s compensation case is not the lawyer who will handle your Charlotte personal injury and medical malpractice.   As such, when you call in to speak with attorney in Charlotte you will be connected directly with someone to answer all of your questions.  Our system of focus practicing allows our lawyers and staff to stay current on changes in the law as well as concentrate and excel in their chosen field.

  • Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC makes serving our clients in the most efficient way a top priority. The use of cutting-edge technology allows for a more cost-effective allocation of resources and provides clients with the best results regarding their personal injury, DWI or speeding ticket.
  • At Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. Our lawyers will return your phone call promptly, and with up to the minute information regarding your case. Whether your case is a Charlotte traffic ticket or a personal injury you will have access to the lawyer on your case. Further, our offices are open late to accommodate clients who have busy work schedules.
  • Our experienced attorneys have earned a reputation as trial-ready courtroom lawyers who will pursue a matter to a favorable resolution in trial, settlement, or any alternative dispute resolution setting. Whether you have a Charlotte DWI or a personal injury you will always be given the option of taking your case to fullest conclusion. Unlike many firms, all decisions regarding going to trial will be made by the client, not the lawyer.
  • Rosensteel Fleishman, PLLC is a Charlotte, NC based firm serving the legal needs of all North Carolina. With offices just blocks from the courthouse in the heart of downtown Charlotte, NC our lawyers stand ready to serve our clients in the best manner possible. Whether you are searching for the best DWI lawyer in Charlotte or need someone to handle your Gaston traffic ticket our lawyers and staff and ready to assist you.

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